Texas is Not a State—it's a State of Mind.

During the decades before the Civil War, a period known as Antebellum America, the country expanded across the continent to the Pacific, adding hundreds of millions of acres of land. As the nation expanded, various reform movements led to changes in American society, but the most significant changes resulted from the territorial acquisitions that forced America to reexamine the issue of slavery and its extension into new areas. The overriding issue of slavery cropped up again and again as new states began to take shape. In the end, the slavery issue could not be resolved by negotiation or political processes: in the end, it took a terrible war to deal with that issue. This section looks at the events that contributed to the causes of the great conflict. The first event was the annexation of Texas.

The State of Texas, the Lone Start State, is unique in American history. It is the only state that was an independent nation for ten years before joining the Union. The six flags that flew over Texas were those of Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America and the United States. It is the largest of the “Lower Forty Eight” states. It's motto is “Don't Mess with Texas!”




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