Places to Visit
Interesting Places in the United States
The list of interesting places to visit in the United States would go on for pages. Below I have listed some sites with a primary connection with history. Most are very well known, a few may be less well-known. Some are listed for the historical events which have taken place there, some may be connected with the geology of our country and its history that is millions of years old. I welcome recommendations about some of the favorite places you may have visited.

Historic Sites by State

The state capitol buildings often contain extensive materials and exhibits on the history of the state, and many are near history museums or have history displays within the capitol building itself. State capital cities also often have historic museums and visitors' centers nearby that can steer you to interesting historic locations within the state.

Other Sites

fort Ross

Fort Ross, California
Fort Ross, a Russian fort in California

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls, Idaho
Shoshone Falls
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