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This site was created for educational use at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria, by Associate Professor Jud Sage and is free for anyone to use for any non-commercial purpose. Much of it was originally created through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded to NVCC. The historic documents located on this site, including brief excerpts from larger works, public papers, court decisions, speeches, and so on, are believed to be in the public domain or, in a few cases, covered by fair use doctrine.  Anyone observing a copyright violation should notify me and I will remove the offending material. I am, of course, not responsible for copyright issues at external sites to which my pages are linked.

The following points apply to this site:

  • All excerpts from public domain documents have been formatted and edited by me, except in cases where the source is provided with the document itself.
  • All graphics have been taken from CD's which I have purchased, or from other public sources with the explicit understanding that they are not being used for any commercial purpose.
  • Photographs such as the ones on my Historic D.C. Tour pages were mostly taken by me with a Kodak digital camera and are copyrighted by me.
  • All editorial comments, headnotes on document pages and topic summaries—unless otherwise noted—are copyrighted by me.

I invite teachers and students to use the materials on these pages for any educational activity as they see fit. I ask only that copyright be respected and credit be given where appropriate, and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who finds these materials useful, or who has suggestions for their further elaboration. I support free and unrestricted use of the Internet governed by a collaborative spirit and a sense of courtesy and personal responsibility.

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